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metals accessible

Fragold – the trusted experts in gold, silver and platinum group metals

Whether as a long term store of value, an object of desire in the form of jewellery or as an indispensable raw material for modern industrial society, precious metals – throughout history and arguably more so today, precious metals raise many questions and pose great challenges to investors and trading companies, precious metal refiners and fabricators, recycling businesses and mine producers.

It follows for all those who deal in precious metals, that questions arise about the mechanisms of the markets and their functions, about price determination and development, about political developments and risks, but increasingly about environmental issues – not mention regulation, compliance and anti-money laundering issues.

Who are the key players, what technologies influence precious metals, how indeed are these metals treated for tax purposes? What has to be taken into account when it comes to storage and transport and how can security and insurance by arranged? Who could be the right partners when it comes to product development and how can we position ourselves strategically correctly as a company or institutional investor? These are all the sorts of questions that occupy the minds of those in our sector.

We at Fragold GmbH are a network of experienced market participants with a diverse range of backgrounds (all within precious metals), making us uniquely and optimally positioned to support you in solving the mission critical questions that always arise in the world of precious metals.

Solutions for your company

Strategy consulting

We advise companies on their market entry into the German-speaking market and on the development of suitable products.

Marketing + Public Relations

We organize efficient and targeted marketing and PR campaigns for your products and services in the precious metals sector.

Precious metal market advice

For questions concerning the purchase, sale, storage and transport of precious metals, we provide the right partners and help to achieve the right conditions.

Knowledge transfer and research

We prepare market studies for our customers or organise training programmes and events on the subject of precious metals for employees or customers.

Our company

Specialists in the world of Precious Metals

Fragold GmbH was founded in 2019 by Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, a leading and well connected precious metals expert in the German-speaking world.

Germany remains one of the most important markets for precious metals and Fragold is uniquely positioned to provide discrete, professional and independent guidance on the various challenges participants face; we are also able to effect introductions with leading stakeholders or indeed suppliers in all parts of the precious metals sector.

Creating and implementing ideas, building connections, breaking down barriers and thus generating value for your company – this is what we at Fragold GmbH see as our primary task.

Our Team

100 years of experience in the world of precious metals

The Fragold GmbH network of experts supports companies and other professional market participants in addressing questions that are important to them.

Collectively our team has over 100 years of experience in the precious metal industry.

We know that each sector and every individual company has its own specific needs. However, with our wide range of know-how and experience we do understand the individual requirements of each of our customers in order to match or find the optimal solution.

Our clients

At home in many sectors

  • Industrial and commercial users of precious metals
  • Public and private mints
  • Scrap collectors and recycling companies
  • National and international trading houses
  • Wealthy private investors (HNWIs) and their family offices
  • Banks and institutional investors
  • Mining companies
  • Industry associations
  • Research houses

Dates and events

Every year, conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions in precious metals take place nationally, but also worldwide, which specifically cater for the needs of collectors, investors, and also industrial users. Being linked to this community, we can assist you in finding the important and relevant venues and, if required, we can also organise for your company a stand at them to promote your offerings.


If you are a journalist and would like expert market commentary, or indeed background market information or assessments, we will be happy to assist you at any time. Simply use our contact form to get in touch with us and we will also add you to our press distribution list.