Precious metals are my world"

Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, with over 30 years of professional experience, is one of the leading precious metal experts in the German-speaking world. In the course of his career, he has gained experience in Germany and abroad in practically all aspects of the bullion business; from the bullion banking sector including central bank business, to industrial companies and last, but not least recycling firms and trading with private investors, all resulting in a deep understanding of the market, which he now brings to Fragold GmbH as its founder and managing partner.


Prior to founding Fragold GmbH, Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach was CEO of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH for eight years. Under his leadership, from 2011 onwards, the then newly founded company based in Frankfurt quickly became the German and European market leader for trading in physical investment precious metals with private customers. With around 160 employees in 16 locations in Germany and abroad and group sales of up to 1.9 billion euros from approximately 250,000 customers per year, Degussa became a highly respected name in the national and international precious metals market.

The successful acquisition and integration of several companies during his term of office, such as the precious metals trader Silvior GmbH in Würzburg, the Schellhorn and Roth refinery in Pforzheim and the London-based precious metals specialist Sharps Pixley, rounded off Wrzesniok-Rossbach’s extensive portfolio of tasks.

Degussa’s success was due both to its nationwide branch network in leading cities plus its highly successful online business, which catapulted Degussa into the top 25 online shops in Germany.

Numerous test wins, including five times in a row being voted “Best Precious Metals Dealer of the Year” by the magazine Euro am Sonntag, also confirmed the strategy adopted by Degussa from the perspective of consumers and customers as a reliable and quality supplier.


Prior to Degussa, Wrzesniok-Rossbach was responsible for business development in sales / marketing activities at Heraeus Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH for six years, focusing on advising corporate customers and banks in the areas of financing, risk management and procurement of precious metals.

Dresdner Bank

Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach began his career in 1986 in the precious metals trading department of Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt, where he became head of desk in 1992, pending his joining of Heraeus.

In addition to the non-physical precious metals business, this department also included trading in banknotes, investment precious metals, as well as the bank’s numismatics business. In addition to extensive business with well-known industrial companies, one of the world’s largest banking gold books with Central Banks was built up under his leadership. At that time, Dresdner Bank’s customers included central banks across all continents from the Far East to the Americas.

Under the leadership of Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt also entered in the early 2000s the corporate customer business and trading in non-ferrous metals and energy, trading commodities such as copper, aluminium, heating oil and kerosene following the liberalization of the financial markets in Germany.

In addition to 20 years based in Frankfurt, Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach has international experience working in the banks dealing operations in Singapore and Sydney.

In the course of his professional life, Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach has published numerous articles on precious metal topics and held countless lectures and presentations in German and English. For more than five years he was also the part-time author of a weekly precious metals column in the German edition of the Financial Times (FTD).